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Unfortunately there are no right-thinking Ministers who are willing to speak up and object the pricier bid, and pick the concessionaire who will charge less. Tony Pua. It has been reported that Selangor has even agreed to immediately approve the development order for the construction of the Langat 2 water treatment plant project while all other required approvals such as land rights, access permissions and other permits shall be granted within 30 days of signing the MOU.

The due date will hence fall on 25 March However the granting of all the other necessary approvals for Langat 2 will depend entirely on the Federal Government delivering its part of the bargain. The Menteri Besar office has also confirmed that these letters have already been issued last week to the respective companies. If the Federal Government fail to cajole these concessionaires into accepting the above offer, then it must exercise all its powers under the Water Services Industry Act WSIA , particularly using Clause to compulsorily acquire these water companies based on the compensation model detailed in the concession agreements.

However, the Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was willing to do so in order to end the impasse which has become a lose-lose situation for the rakyat. If however, the Federal Government fails to fulfil their part of the bargain in a timely manner, they can be assured that the Selangor state government via its Executive Council and the Selangor state assembly, will exercise all its powers enshrined under the laws of Selangor and the Federal Constitution to deny any further licenses to be issued or awarded to the relevant Federal Government entities for the purposes of the Langat 2 project.

Without these additional approvals, the Langat 2 project cannot proceed. The Pakatan Rakyat administration and government will not be cheated by the Federal Government. We will not betray their trust of our Selangor voters and will fight tooth and nail with the BN Government to ensure that the interest of the Selangor residents are fully protected.

Tender documents for Waste to Energy Wte plant in Taman Beringin, Kepong highlight major concerns about the identified site for this plant. One of the documents which were released to the potential bidders was a site study conducted by Uni-Technologies, a company owned by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTM. This study attached below , which was completed in February, , assumed that a thermal treatment plant — in other words, an incinerator — would be built at the proposed site.

This is further proof that the entire tender exercise is biased towards the building of an incinerator despite the claim from the National Solid Waste Management Agency that the tender is technology neutral.

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More worrying, the same report also showed that the proposed site B for the WtE plant does not fulfil the m buffer zone which is a requirement under the guidelines established by the Department of Environment DOE. For Options B1 and B2, the proposed plant is At the same time, Options B1 and B2 are also only The lack of this buffer zone would not only put at risk the residents in nearby Jinjang Utara but could potentially be hazardous to those who frequent the two nearby petrol stations. It was only in November that a fire broke out at the Tuas incinerator plant in Singapore.

The fact that the National Solid Waste Management Agency chose only to present this study to the potential bidders and not to the public at large clearly shows that they are worried about the possible negative implications from the publication of this study. The attempt to polish the image and performance of 1MDB cannot be more laughable, even if the numbers cited are true. Secondly, it is absolutely disingenuous for 1MDB to claim that it was given only RM1 million in equity and cash for it build its castle over the past years.

This RM1. And if 1MDB could get away with it for , it did the very same in The company managed to revalue the same land again in to RM1.

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Had the Federal Government decided to auction the land openly, they would have generated at least RM1. It is therefore not an exaggeration to describe 1MDB as a castle built on thin ice barely held together by a very generous and protective Federal Government. The Federal Government is on the other hand desperately attempting to glue the ice together with sweetheart land deals. The latest is for the Government to award a new MW independent power producer contract to company, despite 1MDB charging a higher tariff rate than the lowest-priced competitor.

Sedition Act: Persecution by Prosecution.

Selangor arah Upen, Span bincang benarkan kerajaan negeri terlibat pengurusan Syabas

This is one of three workshops conducted during this conference, aimed at providing delegates an opportunity to learn from the successes of recent campaigns, as well as to share best practices. One of the goals of the conference was to also formalise the structure of PA, in which a Board has been agreed to be its core working body. As an active player in the Asian regional scene of social democratic activism, DAP was invited to join as a member of the said Board.

Karpal Singh, who is also the member of Parliament for Bukit Gelugor was found guilty of insulting the Perak Sultan during the Perak constitutional crisis in I urge the international community to join right minded Malaysians in exerting pressure on the Prime Minister to fulfil his promise. United Kingdom. Academic boycotts of Israel. At the University and College Union UCU annual congress, the union passed a resolution to boycott Israeli academics and academic institutions by a large majority.

Delegates stated that Israeli academics were complicit in their government's acts against Palestinians. United States. The New York Times reported that ASA's president Curtis Marez argued that America has "a particular responsibility to answer the call for boycott because it is the largest supplier of military aid to the state of Israel. With these records we are convinced that directing the BDS campaign towards Israel will eventually give the impact that we hope for in the struggle to protect and resume the rights of the Palestinians and to stop all the atrocities perpetuated by Zionist Israel.

We are calling all Asean consumers to use their right to choose and the right to boycott products and services and to pressure their respective government to break away trade and diplomatic relationships, social and cultural cooperation, academic and financial linkages, military and technological collaborations.

ASM Annual Report by Academy of Sciences Malaysia - Issuu

We urge all the civil society, politicians and private entrepreneurs in Malaysia to cut all engagement with Israel related dealings. The campaign will be a long and continuous effort to impact on the racist Israeli regime. We are targeting the participation of 5, civil and people's organizations, Parliamentarians in all Asean countries to effectively execute the campaign within the next three months.

We will develop a monitoring mechanism to ensure that the campaign meets its targeted impact.

Selangor arah Upen, Span bincang benarkan kerajaan negeri terlibat pengurusan Syabas

The secretariat will be recruiting volunteers from each Asean country to launch the BDS movement and sustain the campaign activities. We will maximize the participation and support from the public for this campaign. Gaza: Jumlah korban meningkat orang. Selain itu, jumlah cedera juga terus meningkat sehingga 5, orang mengakibatkan hospital di Gaza tidak mampu lagi untuk menampung mangsa.

Lebih memburukkan keadaan apabila mereka kini turut berdepan krisis bahan api. Jurucakap Kementerian Kesihatan Ashraf al-Qudra, berkata peluru meriam Israel disasarkan ke dalam sekolah walaupun bendera PBB jelas berkibar di atas bangunan. Israel memeulakan serangan ke atas Gaza sejak 7 Julai lalu. Dan kini serangan secara agresif dilakukan meliputi operasi darat, udara dan juga laut. Pejuang sayap kanan Hamas, Briged Al-Qassam pula turut membuat serangan balas sebagai mempertahankan kubu mereka. Sehingga kini lebih 30 tentera Zionis Israel dilapor terkorban. Tiada lagi catuan air di Selangor walau paras air menurun.

Dalam masa yang sama, Yunus turut menyeru agar semua pihak berhemah dan berjimat dalam menggunakan air di musim perayaan ini. Namun umat Islam masih disyariatkan untuk meraikan Aidilfitri setelah sebulan mengerjakan ibadah berpuasa di bulan Ramadan. Astro dituntut beri penjelasan berurusan dengan syarikat Israel. Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki meminta pihak Astro beri penjelasan kerana telah berhubung dengan Amdocs sebuah syarikat milik Israel.

Lapor web Haaretz, Amdocs merupakan salah satu syarikat Israel yang paling berjaya dan konsisten yang telah ditubuhkan sejak 30 tahun lalu sebagai pemaju perisian untuk direktori telefon. Amdocs dikatakan terus kekal mempertahankan ciri-ciri Israel dalam organisasi tersebut. Bagaimanapun, Rabu lalu Amdocs telah mengumumkan bahawa mereka dipilih oleh Astro All Asia Network plc Measat Broadcast Network Systems Astro bagi membolehkan Astro menambah baik penyampaian perkhidmatan kepada lebih daripada 1. Kontrak tersebut dianggarkan bernilai jutaan dolar bagi penyediaan perisian dan perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan.

Ukraine PM quits, complicating MH17 probe.

Rabu, 30 April 2014

And the gravity of the situation facing the country was underscored by allegations from Washington that the US has evidence Russian troops are firing artillery on Ukrainian military positions from Russian soil. The collapse of the ruling coalition paves the way for early elections to be called by President Petro Poroshenko within 30 days. Although a truce has been declared by both the rebels and government forces in the immediate vicinity of the vast crash site, heavy shelling was ongoing nearby including around Donetsk, just 60km from the scene. Countries which lost citizens in the disaster are looking to deploy armed police to secure the impact zone, with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announcing the Netherlands was sending 40 unarmed police to the crash site.

Abbott has placed 50 Australian officers on stand-by in London. Rockets from Russia. US intelligence officials have said they believe the rebels mistakenly shot down the Malaysia Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with a surface-to-air missile provided by Russia.

Russia has continued a troop build-up near the Ukraine border and kept up deliveries of arms and equipments to separatists since the downing of the Malaysian airliner, US defence officials told AFP, without confirming that Russian troops were firing on Ukrainian positions. The first bodies from the crash arrived in the Netherlands on Wednesday to a solemn ceremony.

Dozens more were flown there on Thursday to undergo an identification process that Rutte has warned could take months. Dutch police have also been visiting bereaved relatives of the victims to retrieve DNA samples from items such as hairbrushes, and obtain details of tattoos and fingerprints, as well as consulting medical and dental records to help with the identification. Australia: Search for MH not forgotten. On March 8, the Boeing aircraft disappeared with people onboard, and its flight path is thought to have ended somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean.

But the world has also been following the suspected shooting down of Flight MH17 last Thursday, leaving all people onboard dead. AAP quoted Truss as saying that the Chinese and Australian vessels were mapping out the sea surface in the next area of the Indian Ocean to be scoured. He added that Canberra was close to issuing a tender for the next-stage sonar search of a 60,sq km area.

NGO lauds cyclist's 'heroic' Save Gaza message. Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement Abim said in a press statement that Azizulhasni represented all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, and rightly condemned Israel for its recent shelling of Gaza.

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  • Missile batteries point finger at Ukraine. The decision,, he explains, was made following the announcement by Cabinet yesterday to scrap its own planned event. For the same reason, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and Seberang Jaya assemblyperson Dr Afif Bahardin also inform of the cancellation of their open house, both initially planned for July M'sian team exits crash site 4. In the same article, Prime Minister Tony Abbott says that the mission is expected to last no more than a few weeks. The team took an interest in the fuselage they found on Wednesday that seemed to have holes caused by possible shrapnel.

    This was not seen in other wreckage, states the report. He adds that he does not know if more Malaysians would join the international team, now still scouting the grounds for further evidence. Selangor open house axed 3. Kelantan team to sport MAS logo on jersey 3.

    Catuan air di Selangor bermula esok

    We will do it voluntarily at no charge," club adviser Annuar Musa tells reporters. NST: Buk missile batteries found in Ukraine-controlled area However, the report does not state which agency or country these sources are affiliated to. The report says this corroborates claims by former AP journalist Robert Parry that US satellite images had spotted the missile launchers manned by personnel in what appeared to be Ukrainian or similar uniforms.

    He too cited unnamed sources. A single BUK missile battery typically comprises a vehicle carrying a radar system and two launch vehicles carrying four missiles each. The launch vehicles also carry a smaller radar system. Another company bids for MH17 trademark Terengganu open house latest to be cancelled The event was originally scheduled for July