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Yeah its a great game and I have offline and online playtime over hours but They stopped releasing patches since April of The weapon combat is interesting , each weapon class has a specific way of attacking.

'Diablo 3' Auction Houses back online

For a low price game i recommend it, you will get a lot of hours out of it. Can anyone comment on the state of Diablo 3 on PC. Patch 2. When they updated the gameplay to that of Reaper of Souls vanilla became a great game but Im still not sure about giving them more money.

Yes, Im still kind of jaded from the first release.

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I bought it day one. I've heard they fixed the issues but for me it's a matter of principle. If a company wants my money they need to get it right the first time. Expecting customers to buy an expansion to fix all the problems they had with the game is lamesville. Gamesterpheonix : I think it's great now. The expansion added some great replayabilty features, and all the patches are like a free mini expansion adding much more features. I was monitoring this game due to its highly positive reviews and a previous gamespot article.

KHAndAnime :. Thats basically why I havent purchased the game yet but all the free content they've been releasing is changing my mind. As another has commented, all these updates seem to be like mini expansions. I mean, an entire zone for free? Most folks charge for that.

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I feel like they are trying real hard to make up for the fails they made before. I dont know. The only thing that stops me is the lack of multiplayer honestly. So many games have PvP. And people take whatever before its PvP. They could so do something with D3. Well, I still feel as though I will likely buy RoS at some point soon.

My only dilemma is whether or not to get it on PC or console. This is an absolutely ridiculous way of thinking. Aside from the bugs like connection errors and whatnot they made the gameplay how they wanted it. It turned out that the fans didn't like it so they changed it a bit with the expansion.

I'm sorry that you feel their hours of work should produce a free product but that's just not how the business world works.

If anything, it should be applauded by the gaming community that they listened to their fans and made the appropriate changes. To expect the game developers to be perfect the first time and know exactly how the fans would respond is a bit ridiculous. Now to my last point, you didn't even have to buy the expansion to use the updated gameplay, it just released at the same time as the expansion making your whole argument irrelevant anyway. Remember, diablo 2 was the exact same with its expansion pack. Free product? You went off the rails a bit here. To me an expansion is something you buy because you enjoyed the base game.

It's not something you buy because you didn't enjoy the base game. It's common sense.

Diablo III

I don't want anything free. If a dog dookies on your floor, would you reward it for doing so? I wouldn't. Otherwise you incentivize the dog to do so again As long as you try to make amends for it years later". That's assuming my problem was purely the gameplay. Sure for most people the AH stuff was a deal-breaker and for me it was just a great annoyance , but my main problem with the game was a lack of unique content and too much poor content. And the tone was way off.

I'd be surprised if the expansion fixed that, let alone a patch for the base game coinciding its release. Regardless, what's the incentive re-play through the whole game I already played through and disliked, not having bought the expansion? To re-experience the content I already experienced with a few changes? If only I didn't have a million other better things to do.

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Your analogy doesn't even make sense in this context. You're not rewarding them for doing something wrong in the past, you're rewarding them for doing something right in the present. I would honestly hate to be your dog if you will never reward him for good behavior ever again after a mistake. If you want to hold a grudge because the original release wasn't perfect for you, go for it, doesn't bother me any. Just don't act like developers working hard to make their games better is irrelevant because they should have made the perfect game on their first try.

In fact, I would argue we need more developers who constantly try to improve their games.

Believe it or not, developers are also people and make mistakes. The time for them to make those mistakes is in early access or in beta. A year or two later after release they can't just overhaul the game and expect everyone to forget that they already played the game with all the lameness that it used to have.

No two games are ever the same. Amass heaps of gold from the corpses of your fallen enemies.

'Diablo 3' Auction Houses back online after Blizzard issues fix

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