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Therefore, you can use the following workaround:. The principle is always the same.

How to Change the Junk Mail Filter Settings in Mac® OS X™

Rightclick on the item you want to share and choose "Share XXX". Afterwards you can choose ther person via email address you want to share the folder. In addition you can set the person's rights for the shared item. Right-click at the top left bar and click on "Find Shares".

Check the favored items and click on "Add".

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Please note that you need to run the Ajax client and Javascript has to be activated to see this option. Due to technical conditions not all special folders could be migrated. Please look for other similar folders e. Sent , Sent Items, Sent Messages, Offers for pupils. Services for industry.

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  • You can then specify font settings for p. My preferred solution! This is an abysmal hint. You should NEVER try to specify a font size in an email, because the message isn't for you, it's for me. You don't know what my screen is like, or what my eyesight is like. Without that information, you can't know what font size is comfortable for me to read.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Ever received an email with tiny text that's hard to read? That's because the sender used a mail client like Outlook that sets a font size that isn't good for you. I agree with those who prefer plain text emails. I, too, want to choose my own fonts for reading email and I do.

    How To Set Up Using IMAP on Mac OS X Mail

    Some emails I receive don't respond to those shortcuts, regardless of my Mail preference settings. Often I just press the Delete key instead yes, an actual Delete key -- I have a keyboard with a Delete key! I love that keyboard. I meant to add, though, that I am grateful our original poster took the time to share this hint with us. Thank you. No, the message is the senders message, which he is entitled to format as he sees fit, just as he would with a letter. It's up to you to set your client to help you out with your poor eyesight or unusual screen resolution, not him if he's got any sense, he'll have used a format that's reasonable at most commonly used resolutions, and if he hasn't, I for one want to know that I'm dealing with someone that stupid.

    That's the benefit of this technology over paper; the fact that you can choose how to recieve stuff. If I then still want to read the message, I always have the option of re-formating it to suit me. So basically I agree with you that sending a message in a stupid font is bad. But if someone is that bad at communicating, I want to know, so would encourage people to select "good formatting", not "no formatting".

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    Turn your vacation reply on or off

    As such, there is no way to specify a default font that is actually sent with each new message. You can prove this for yourself. Change the font and size in the Message Font box to something really weird. Now, look at your sent messages, and explain how can you change the font on a message that is already sent? By looking at the raw source view of a message, you can also see that no default font gets sent.

    Compare the raw source from a Mail message and that of an Outlook message -- check right after where it says. Also look at your received messages. You will notice that messages sent from non-Macs have not changed, or only the font face has changed, not the font size. Messages from other Macs, and messages you have sent, will change both font face and size. Your default font will be used if the font set is not recognized. Haven't you noticed that all people that send you mail from other Macs use your default font?

    To send font information with your outbound messages, you must set each message's font by changing it within each message. If you don't, no font information is sent. How to make sure Mail sends font info with messages 14 comments Create New Account.

    Send automatic Out of Office replies from Outlook for Mac

    The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. My solution to this was to make a signature that dictates the desired font. A couple of lines are left blank after the font information and before the signature, and it is just a matter of getting used to start typing at the right line to get the right font for your message.

    E mail is a form of communication, that should be as expressive as any other, as far as the technology allows anyway.

    How to Set an “Out of Office” Auto-Reply Email Message on iPhone or iPad

    No-one would dream of suggesting that typed letters should all arrive in a default font, because that removes the writers right to express themselves as they see fit. Of course the reader has the right to judge the sender based on his choices, so that if the senders presentation is poor, that should affect how the receiver responds, but that's up to the sender.

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    If someone sending me grown up information is childish enough to think a silly font is appropriate for their message, I want to know that. The benefit of the technology is that the reader can change things after receipt if that makes it easier for him, but I think it's wrong, in fact plain rude, to ignore the effort the sender has put into expressing himself right from the outset.