Mac os x snow leopard skin pack 2.0 for windows 7

The best part about the Windows OS is that it lets you do anything to it and customize it the way you want to. This pack and several such 3rd party themes gives customization enthusiasts an option to change it, if they want to. Question: anyone know, does this affect the whole system or can it be applied to only one account, for example..?

Works like a charm… thanks a lot..

How to make Windows7 look like Mac OS X Snow leopard

This new S. L theme work great!

Mac OSX Snow Leopard Skin Pack for 7 - Windows Customization - WinMatrix

The old S. L theme was so buggy!! Just install without 3rd party software then use it with ObjectDock Plus 2 and Rainmeter.

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Yes you can. By uninstalling it. Your email address will not be published. August 9, at AM. This have no sense. With more pale blue.

And some silver here and there. True but remember that Mac OSX is a totally different monster.

Snow Transformation Pack

I have both a PC and a Mac and I use both. One is better than the other at some things and vice versa and you are right, MacOSX is pale blue and gray, but you can change it to whatever you want as well, but nevertheless, people should leave Windows alone as it is and not mess with it. Altering and changing system files is a dangerous game to play. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way Windows 7 looks. If it's not broke, don't try to fix it.

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However, I don't think custom themes are such a bad idea. There are Windows 7 custom themes out there that are very subtle and pleasant to use. Before you decide they're all bad, take a look at some of them.

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At any right, you might be interested to know that you don't' need to replace system files if you don't' want to; if I like elements of the theme but I don't want the explorer. As far as altering goes, if you use a patcher in a VM to test it out, and you open it up in Res Hacker, you can see exactly what it does.

The most commonly preferred patcher creates backups of your old files. That doesn't apply for theme files. Theme files are the most non-impactive things you can do to your PC to give it a visual overhaul; they don't use any extra RAM or memory than Aero by default does. Turning Windows 7 to look like OSX is just terrible no matter what you use.

See how the left corner cuts off really early? Well that happens in both, and it happens in like mIRC for me etc. Kind of puts me off the theme when I used it. Looks really bad : If it wasnt cause of that, I'd love it! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Programs: Reshacker 3. Posted 11 October - PM.

But that doesn't change the fact that this is a completely retarded transformation pack. I think the next time you make something like this you should test it first. I lost interest in this one, luckily the uninstaller works. Good: Asks what to install, creates backup files, has an uninstall shortcut in the start menu, makes you believe in God during uninstallation. Bad: Bloated, after installation your PC looks just like one you usually repair, no boot screen changes still says Loading Windows - Microsoft Corp.

Conclusion: If you have the time to play with it - try it, otherwise avoid it - it's bloated and leaves you with the feeling you tested a beta version. Posted 12 October - AM. It looks really good. I tested it on my 2nd PC. But it's not a one click installer so it's better to install all those programs, visual style and icons yourself one by one. Posted 02 December - AM.

Snow Transformation Pack 1.5

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