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Thanks for the tip! I have a MBP 13" I followed your instructions and created an external Windows boot drive with Rufus only thing I did different was use VMware Fusion instead of an internal Boot Camp. When I tried to boot from the external drive by holding option on start up and selecting EFI Boot , it would just start up into macOS on the internal drive.

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Is there something I need to do to boot up from my external drive? Thanks in advance. System: MacBook Pro 13" , 2. If I try to boot, it gets to the Windows splash and then black screens. I have to use an HDMI monitor to see anything.

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Rinse and repeat. Anyone figure out how to make this work on a Mac mini yet? I did hang no me once towards the end of the installation of the drivers but after shutting down and restarting it just went through.

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  • 2. If You Need a One-Time Fix.

Now I have a fully working windows on an external drive but I have not managed yet to make the gaming box card get recognized. As I don't have much time to spend on this I am waiting until there is an easy solution.

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I am trying to figure out whether there is an easy way to copy the Efi app to the ext ssd Efi partition that I am running windows so I use one external drive. Is it possible to boot windows 10 from a daisy chained usb-c SSD, hooked to akitio t2 or node pro with GPU in it and make it work? Initially i logged in windows and then connected the gaming box. The windows updated but the card was not recognized. Win 10 asked me to reboot. When i rebooted windows log in screen appeard on my ext monitor connected on the gaming box with dispaly port.

SuperSpeed USB 3. Product Specifications. Basic Specifications Interface. Mac NTFS compatibility driver.

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All features depending on model and local availability. I have only good experience from using multiple samples of this device. Performance and reliability have been excellent this far. I bought this particular model as I already have a I bought this particular model as I already have a 3T version of it in My Mac Anonymous vor 4 Jahren. Sehr gute Festplatte, besitze mehrere 4T und 3T. RickT vor 4 Jahren.

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Excellent disque sur tous les plans. Einfach anschliessen und es funktioniert. Es ist l Es ist leise und dem Standard entsprechend schnell.

I use it as a backup unit connected to my linux NA