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You can use it to analyze your design to check for problems in your model and to see if your model is ready for printing.

Free 3D CAD software for Mac

MeshMixer offers a long list of 3D design tools which include tools for measuring stability and thickness , mesh smoothing, brushing tools among others. Download MeshMixer from here. FreeCad is another free 3D design software that can be used to design real-like objects of any size. It is an open-source tool that can be used to make 3D gaming models, architectural models, industrial models, and animation models. It is worth trying for rookies as well as pros.

Pure Mac: 3D and Animation - Software for Mac

Download FreeCAD from here. The major advantage of using this is that it incorporates efficient drag and drop functionalities for ease of use. The basic shapes for starting are a cube, cone, sphere, cylinder, or torus. There are many functionalities provided and all are labeled so moving over them will give you an idea of what each of it does.

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For noobs, this is the best tool to start with. It provides tutorials for all levels and also has a help menu integrated with search features. All this is available for free. Download 3D Crafter from here. So, you can consider using or trying them. Have a look at these. SolidWorks is the most famous 3D design software.

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It is widely used in several industries. SolidWorks offers a ton of user-friendly features that make it the best 3D modeling software. It is developed and published by Dassault Systemes. Download SolidWorks from here. SketchUp is one of the highest rated 3D design software. It is available in both free and paid versions. SketchUp is used for a wide range of drawing applications such as film, video game designs, interior design, architecture, civil, and mechanical engineering.

Top 3 FREE 3D Design Software 2019

It also supports third-party plugins programs, allows surface modeling in various styles, and also enables drawing layout functionalities. Download SketchUp from here. If you have any other suggestion to add in our list, do tell us in the Comments section. For any queries or doubts, visit the comment box fast.

16+ Best 3D Modeling Softwares for Mac

Hope you liked the list. Can you recommend a free 3D software program for building refurbishment design. Simple to use and easy ISH to learn? Your email address will not be published. Its free light version, named Sculptris 19 , made it to rank The popularity score consists of mentions and fans on social media, page authority, forum mentions, video mentions, 3D printing database mentions, and Google results. Most 3D design programs are available for Windows and Mac users alike.

While these are not many, they still represent quite popular 3D modeling software packages. In our original list which includes all platforms, these programs ranked 3 rd , 6 th , and 7 th among the most popular. Some good news to end with: there are more and more options for Mac users. For example, Rhino 5 is available for Mac. Since many 3D design apps run online now browser-based , programs like Tinkercad and 3DTin are also accessible from any device.

Are you new to the world of 3D modeling and 3D printing? Do you already know how to create printable 3D files?

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